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Uncommon woodworking, uncompromising craftsmanship

Craftsman and artisan Michael J. Keers does business as ‘Emkay Woodcrafting’. Located in the high desert near Sierra Vista, Arizona, about 80 miles southeast of Tucson, Keers has enjoyed producing a variety of unique projects for over twenty years at his present location in Hereford. Projects in recent years have included an eclectic mix of functional items ranging from horse-drawn vehicles to free-standing furniture, cabinetry, and built-in case work, and he's currently building a 28-foot boat for his own use.

Formerly a contractor and cabinetmaker, he now enjoys designing and crafting unique pieces of fine furniture in a variety of styles. M.J. Keers offers both commissioned work and ‘ready-made’ but unique pieces. Please use the navigation buttons at the top to view a sampling of projects in various categories.

Keers enjoys using native and imported hardwoods, and also employs reclaimed wood ‘with history’ where possible and appropriate to style and function.

Emkay Woodcrafting believes the products produced from trees should last at least as long as it takes to re-grow a replacement tree. Furniture made from a 100-year old tree should last at least 100 years. We take special care in selecting each and every board for every project, chosen to display the finest figure ('grain') and emphasizing the wood's unique natural beauty. We design and build fine furniture to last for generations using 'solid wood', no so-called 'wood products'.

We also take pride in hand-building all furniture. Power tools certainly have their place in the modern shop and we use them where called for; but many aspects of true craftsmanship can only be accomplished by hand. These techniques have been developed over centuries of fine furniture making, and have shown themselves to produce lasting quality and structural integrity. Things like fine-fitting hand-cut dovetails, or hand cut mortise and tenon joints, often secured with pegs or wedges take time and skill to execute, and are the hallmark of fine custom and heirloom furniture.

No matter the project, style or material, each item created by this talented and dedicated artist-craftsman receives artistic interpretation along with functionality, attention to detail and craftsmanship, and a dedication to uncommon quality.

Whether a simple home accessory, or a major commissioned piece of heirloom quality fine furniture or casework, we are looking forward to providing you with an item to give lasting satisfaction, to proudly use and display, and to enhance your home and lifestyle now and for generations to come. Visit for more information about home renovations or home additions.

Thank you, M.J. Keers

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